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Commercial & Retail Leases

Are you leasing a commercial or retail space? Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, Cahill Conveyancing has you covered.

At Cahill Conveyancing, we can provide you with advice on commercial and retail leases. When leasing a space, there are a number of things to consider during your negotiations. How long do to realistically want the lease to be? Do you understand the terms and conditions? Do you know what you can and cannot do with the premises? Do you understand your rights and obligations? We can help you with this by providing you with prompt and accurate advice to ensure that you enter into your lease with confidence.

A lease is a big commitment which can be a daunting process without an experienced property lawyer assisting you. Our aim is to explain the legal jargon to our clients in a relatable and easy to understand manner.

Other Leasing services Cahill Conveyancing offers

Sub-Leasing – if you are leasing a space that you no longer need, you may be able to sub-lease the space to another party. This will involve reviewing the terms of your current lease, and carefully drafting a sub-lease to ensure that your rights are protected and to ensure that you are not promising something to your new sub-tenant that you cannot deliver under your head lease.

Transfer of Lease – if you are leasing a space and wish to transfer the lease to another party, this will require negotiation with your landlord and a transfer of lease document to be drafted.

Termination of Lease – If you are leasing a space and no longer wish to proceed with the lease, you will need to negotiate termination terms with your landlord and draft/review a termination of lease document.

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