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Vacant Land and Building Contracts

When it comes to conveyancing in Geelong, Cahill Conveyancing is a well-known name. We are a reputable team of property lawyers that are ready to assist you with your conveyancing and property law needs. From negotiating with the real estate agent to finalising the transaction, our team are always here to assist you.

How can we assist you with the purchase and sale of vacant land?

The formalities that form part of completing a transaction for the acquisition or sale of unoccupied land can be time-consuming and unique, especially if the land is untitled. In such cases, it is prudent to obtain expert assistance from a qualified property lawyer, such as our team at Cahill Conveyancing.

Vacant land transactions can involve restrictions or covenants that can affect what you are able to with your land. The Contracts can be voluminous and can contain a lot of confusing legal jargon. But don’t worry, with our expert team at your disposal, everything will be explained to you in simple terms, let us worry about the legal jargon.

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How can we assist you with building contract reviews?

When building on your vacant land, you will be presented with a building contract to sign. This contract will contain everything from your agreed floor plan to the colour and fittings you have decided on. This document will also contain a large number of terms and conditions that you will need to abide by and understand. At Cahill Conveyancing we can provide you with a detailed understanding of your rights under the contract aswell as the obligations you will be bound by. If you are building a house, or doing extensive renovations on your property, get in contact with us for a Building Contract review to ensure you understand what you are signing.

Who are we, exactly?

Cahill Conveyancing is a boutique legal firm that is always willing to offer a helping hand to meet the requirements of our clients by offering premium conveyancing advice, loan advice and property tax implication advice. Our team are experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable about all of Victoria’s property laws and regulations.

One of the reasons that make us one of the finest Melbourne property and conveyancing law firms is that we not only have the expertise, but also experience in dealing with a range of unique property transactions. We apprecaite that clients desire quick and efficient resolutions to their concerns, which we are more than happy to deliver, along with additional benefits.

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